For many years we have been restructuring companies and and help them grow by that.
We have completed many projects ended with the achievement of previously set objectives.

Restructuring is not only related to solving problems of a company with financial liquidity,
but also making many processes more efficient, which effects in a higher financial result.

In addition, while we finance or search for sources of financing for business,
we understand the needs of medium-sized companies that aim to grow with us.

The next step of a company’s business path should be entering the stock market
and further development, which we will certainly monitor and support.

If someone decides to go on a well-deserved rest, we will help in the sale of the company
at a satisfactory price, taking into account the generational succession.


We support companies in regaining financial and operational balance by preventing them from insolvency and liquidation.
After reviewing the specifics of the company and the analysis of processes and finances, we prepare a restructuring program covering both operations and financing structure, which is being implemented after we receive the approval from the client. The aim of the ongoing changes is to improve cash flow in the short term and retrieve to profitability in the further and longer term.

We aim to increase business efficiency by:
– operating costs optimization,
– reorganization of inefficient processes,
– restructuring of assets,
– change in capital structure,
– optimization of employment.

During the restructuring process we provide support for:
– change management in the company,
– negotiations with creditors of repayment terms of liabilities,
– preparation of a proposal for the arrangement on debt cancellation, postponement of repayment or conversion of debt to capital.

We provide services based on the Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law and the Restructuring Law (from 1st January 2016). In particular, the new restructuring law gives much greater opportunities when it comes to restructuring processes which means much more efficient ways of running the company and further leading of profitable business.

Depending on the circumstances, according to the restructuring law, we support the companies to be prepared to Arrangement Approval Proceedings, Accelerated Arrangement Proceedings, Arrangement Proceedings or Sanation Proceedings.


We offer valuations of companies or company’s departments, shares and business projects.
After identifying the purpose of the valuation, we select the appropriate methodology and we make a financial model.
The valuation is prepared by a person whose name is on the list of court experts.

Financial valuation may be performed for the needs of i.a.:
– buying or selling a company,
– contribution to the joint-stock company,
– restructuring, litigation and arrangement proceedings,
– securing receivables,
– inheritance proceedings,
– implementation of the requirements in the accounting area,
– tax optimization.

We also conduct valuations of the brand, trademark, patents, technologies, know-how and concessions.

We support the client in the process of mergers and acquisitions or we lead the entire purchase process.
We are actively searching for enterprises that meet the criteria by compiling a list of potential purchase targets. We gather information about the particular enterprise and prepare its valuation and negotiation strategy. We conduct due diligence checks covering the business, financial, legal and tax areas which results in creating a report that presents the results and identifies threats and risks. We communicate with potential buyers, organize meetings to finally present them a purchase offer.

Similarly, we provide comprehensive support in the process of the company’s sales or gaining more capital.
We help to choose the optimal form of buy-out and build the financing structure of the transaction. We are actively searching for potential industry or financial investors. We make the valuation of a subject to sale and conduct comprehensive due diligence checks. After agreeing on the expected terms of the transaction, we prepare useful arguments that can be used during the negotiations. We communicate with potential investors and help the client lead the negotiations until the contract of sale or an investment contract is signed.

We support companies in obtaining external ways of business financing.

We help the clients create a business plan based on the financial model and the expected conditions of obtaining debt capital. We also choose the form and structure of financing (i.e. bank loan, bond issue) and we search for potential investors.

We communicate with potential investors and we help the clients lead the negotiations until the agreement with the financial institution is signed.

We also provide client support in the process of issuing bonds.

We support the clients in all stages when entering the stock market (Initial Public Offering). First, we ensure that the company has a properly prepared financing strategy, then the company can make a decision to enter the stock market. Afterwards, we create a plan and schedule to prepare a public offer.
We provide the information needed to decide on the selection of the market and the appropriate time for entering the stock exchange.
We advise on necessary formal and legal actions.
We organize cooperation with the brokerage house, law firm, auditor and other enterprises involved in presenting the public offer.
We help in creating a marketing offer indicating the distinguishing features of the company.
We perform comprehensive due diligence checks, which are the basis for the valuation of the company and have a great impact on the determination of shares price.
We actively participate in book building.

We forecast the level of interest in the offer, issuance costs and other related IPO assistance costs.
We prepare the prospectus or information document.
We initiate necessary corporate principles and best practices.

“BEJERA FUND” is an Alternative Investment Fund with limited number of investors (75 investors).
The investment strategy is based on investing in shares, bonds and stocks of companies with liquidity problems, requiring restructuring and venture capital projects. The Fund operates in Europe, mainly in Poland and is addressed to trusted investors with a minimum amount of 125,000 euro. The investment policy covers 3-5 years.